Hi my name is Janni, and I am a certified dog trainer from ABC Animal Behavior College, and is a proud owner of a German Shepherd Dog named Enzo and a little German Shepherd puppy named Zoey.

In my training I only use the positive reinforcement technique to connect and redirect the dog(s) attention. For motivation I always use very tasteful treats, and a happy voice.

Before I started at ABC Animal Behavior College, I did a lot of research regarding dog training and dog behavior, to fully understand the effect dog-training has on a dog, and see the difference from the puppy stage to adolescence and adult to senior.

The most important part in training is to develop the bond between dogs and their human. I find being a witness in seeing how a relationship is building very rewarding. Training is everything, and with the different techniques, you are getting a happy confident and balanced dog. That is the goal.

Please contact me to get more information.