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Dear The Learning Dog Family:

All things change, and yet they stay the same. The Learning Dog isn’t any different, nor are Jenny and I. We have recently decided that we are going to dissolve our partnership. We both support each other throughout our new “change”! The idea that any of you, our family, would hear this news from anyone except for us wasn’t something that we could tolerate and the only way to reach all of you simultaneously was through this letter.

The Learning Dog will be closing its doors. The exact date isn’t known, but will be announced soon. Both Jenny and I will be opening our own dog training facilities under different names. The details are currently being worked out and we will send a second letter giving you all of the contact information for both of us and our new businesses. The most important thing is that all of our wonderful clients still have someplace good to train. And in fact you will now have TWO places to choose from! Both new businesses will gladly honor any pre-purchased gift cards, classes, or packages. So, you don’t have to worry about losing anything at all! And there will not be any downtime either. When The Learning Dog closes its doors, the other 2 businesses will already be up and running. I can assure you that both new businesses will have our same training philosophies, service, expertise and ethics that we always have had.

We have had an awesome run! We created a successful business that we kept running for nearly 7 years! It was all of you that made us successful and we cannot thank you enough. Each of you has been a part of our family, and we thank you all for that. We couldn’t have done it without you. Our appreciation could never fully be expressed in a letter, but thank you. We are honored that you chose us to help you raise your puppies, help your behavior issues, and take your dogs to new heights in their training experience. Now onto bigger and better things!

We will contact all of you again when we have a more solid date of when we will close our doors and the contact information for both of us.

Thank you again so much for supporting us!

Peace and Love,

Katie and Jenny


September 20, 2016

Hello awesome “The Learning Dog” clients!!  Jenny and I are moving forward and have some information to give to you on our new businesses!  Jenny and I are remaining friendly with each other and will support each other in our new endeavors.  We have both kept the client list, and we will contact everyone with information as necessary.  We recognize that in the end it is you, our amazing clients, that will decide where you would like to go.  We encourage and hope that you will check out both of our locations!  I think we both have some fantastic things to offer!

We want to assure you that we aren’t going anywhere.  We will be there to offer non-aversive positive based training to our community.  Please keep spreading the importance of the human-animal bond and know that positive dog training is the way to go.  Dogs are amazing creatures and deserve nothing less.

Here is the contact information for our future businesses.

Jenny Falvey                                              Katie Costello

Dogsmartz Unleashed, LLC                     The Canine Campus Training and Wellness Center, LLC

1591 E. Western Reserve Road             757 North Main Street

Poland, Ohio  44514                                Hubbard, Ohio 44425

330-707-4160                                          330-716-3051

Katie’s building is The Learning Dog’s current building.  Jenny will have her location in Poland and a satellite building at Hillcrest Flynn at 2619 East State Street Hermitage, PA 16148.  We will both be offering the same classes that we offered at The Learning Dog plus new classes as well.

Our websites aren’t up and fully functioning just yet.  The phones and emails are.  We are looking so forward to having you all remain a part of our family.  Please help us to spread the word!

Thank you for all of the support and memories!

Katie Costello and Jenny Falvey


The Learning Dog Training & Enrichment Center offers a large variety of classes using non-aversive (positive) training methods. From puppy to teenager to adult to senior, there are classes to suit your needs. Both Katie and Jenny are Certified Professional Dog Trainers (CPDT-KA) and believe in non-aversive (positive) training methods so choke collars, prong (pinch) collars or shock (e-collars) collars are never used. We believe you never have to hurt a dog to train them.  They are intelligent enough that they can be taught to make correct decision without pain.

Whether you take one class or take many classes, our goal is to make training fun, rewarding and successful for you and your dog, enhancing and embracing the amazing powers of the human animal bond. Our training is done thru pain-free methods because we believe training shouldn’t hurt.

Have a serious behavior issue like aggression, fear or anxiety? Call (330) 534-4990 to schedule your behavior consultation or private lessons, in your home or at our facility.  Most aggression can be managed by understanding more about dog communication and desensitizing and counter-conditioning and you can build confidence in dogs and desensitize and counter-condition with fear.

It is never to late (or too early) for you and your dog to have fun learning together.

At our facility, every dog is welcome. We have the skills and the ability to work with all types of behavior issues. If a dog is not doing well in a class, our goal is to find the right situation whether it be a specialized class or private training, to help them be successful. We will not set a dog up to fail. And  no one ever has to feel embarrassed by their dog’s behaviors. We are here to help. It is our job to help you and your dog learn how to better improve their behaviors.

The Learning Dog Training & Enrichment Center also offers drop off and train (drop your dog off for us to train), seminars,  bite prevention seminars at vet offices,  and fun pet events. And stop in to check out our retail area offering hard-to-find training tools and unique pet products.

While our name would suggest otherwise, we do offer private lessons for cats.  Is your cat having aggression issues?  Inappropriate urination in your home?  Intercat aggression?  Call us for a private lesson.



Updated September 2016
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