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Holiday Tips….

This July 4th weekend brings lots of celebrating for humans but for many dogs it brings stress, fear and shear panic. Take precautions to keep your pets safe this weekend. There are countless dogs that go missing after running off from loud firework noises. Make sure your dog always has an identification tag in case they do become lost. The tag should have their name and a contact number.

So, here are some tips to keep your pets safe and calm.

First, please don’t take your dog to firework events. Their hearing is acute and the sound of a firework can sound like a cannon being fired right in front of you! In addition, the smell of fireworks can be highly offensive to them. The risk is high for a dog to become frightened of fireworks, loud noises or even loud noises in general long term.

Keep them indoors, windows closed and blinds down if you are in an area that fireworks are heard. If you are having an event at your home, put them away in a quiet area. Use “white noise” like a box fan or window air conditioner to help drown out the noise. You can also try calming music like “Thru a Dog’s Ear” available online. Or even calm classical music can help. Give your pet a place to escape but make sure they are not trapped in (closed crate door, closed door, etc). Let them go where they want. If they want to hide, let them but make sure they can leave the area.

Holistic products like Thundershirts, Composure Pro and Adaptil spray (all available at The Learning Dog) can be a huge help! If your pet reacts, don’t react back. Remain calm. Reassure but avoid coddling. Try to keep them busy with wonderful things like their favorite chewys, toys or a stuffed frozen Kong. Try playing their favorite game in the house. These things help to create positive associations with things that may be scary. If your dog has extreme fear of fireworks, please consult your veterinarian to discuss other options that can help keep them calm and safe. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us! Happy 4th of July to everyone!

The Learning Dog Training & Enrichment Center offers a large variety of classes using non-aversive (Positive) training methods. From puppy to teenager to adult to senior, there are classes to suit your needs. Both Katie and Jenny are Certified Professional Dog Trainers (CPDT-KA) and believe in non-aversive (Positive) training methods so choke collars, prong (pinch) collars or shock (e-collars) collars are never used. We believe you never have to hurt a dog to train them.  They are intelligent enough that they can be taught to make correct decision without pain.

Whether you take one class or take many classes, our goal is to make training fun, rewarding and successful for you and your dog, enhancing and embracing the amazing powers of the human animal bond. Our training is done thru pain-free methods because we believe training shouldn’t hurt.

Have a serious behavior issue like aggression, fear or anxiety? Call (330) 534-4990 to schedule your behavior consultation or private lessons, in your home or at our facility.  Most aggressions can be managed by understanding more about dog communication and desensitizing and counterconditioning and you can build confidence in dogs and desensitize and countercondition with fear.

It is never to late (or too early) for you and your dog to have fun learning together.

At our facility, every dog is welcome. We have the skills and the ability to work with all types of behavior issues. If a dog is not doing well in a class, our goal is to find the right situation whether it be a specialized class or private training, to help them be successful. We will not set a dog up to fail. And  no one ever has to feel embarrassed by their dog’s behaviors. We are here to help. It is our job to help you and your dog learn how to better improve their behaviors.

The Learning Dog Training & Enrichment Center also offers drop off and train (drop your dog off for us to train), seminars, playdates, bite prevention seminars at vet offices,  and fun pet events. And stop in to check out our retail area offering hard-to-find training tools and unique pet products.

While our name would suggest otherwise, we do offer private lessons for cats.  Is your cat having aggression issues?  Inappropriate urination in your home?  Intercat aggression?  Call us for a private lesson.

And finally, we are now offering service animal training!  A service animal helps someone with a disability, to make them more independent.  The Learning Dog is training all types of service animals, from mobility assistance, seeing or hearing eye dog, psychiatric assistance, PTSD, FASD/FASE, diabetic alert or seizure alert dogs.  (Plus more!) we can meet your every needs.  Dogs are pulled from local shelters for training.  We will assess your dog if you are interested in using your dog, but most dogs will not meet the requirements.  Please call if you are interested in applying for a service dog.

We are looking for foster home to raise the shelter dogs through the beginning stages of service dog training.  You must be able to come to classes and work with the dog daily.  If interested please call today for more information!  If you are unable to foster a dog, but want to donate money to help defer the cost of a service dog, please call or email Katie at

Check out our two newest classes Fundamentals to Competition Agility & Crate Games Call for details.



Updated Aug. 1st, 2013
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